Why OWCP Claims Typically Slow Down in December

There are several reasons why OWCP (Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs) claims may slow down in December:

Increased workload: December is the end of the fiscal year for many government agencies, including the Department of Labor which oversees OWCP. This often leads to an increase in new OWCP claims and appeals being filed, as agencies rush to meet deadlines and finalize budgets. Additionally, the holiday season can bring a surge in workplace injuries due to increased activity in retail, warehousing, and other sectors.

Staffing shortages: Many federal employees take vacation time around the holidays, which can reduce the number of available staff to process claims. This can lead to delays in scheduling appointments, reviewing medical records, and making determinations on eligibility.

Limited resources: The OWCP budget is often strained towards the end of the fiscal year, which can lead to delays in obtaining necessary resources such as medical exams or legal representation. This can further impact the time it takes to process and resolve claims.

Increased scrutiny: December can be a time of increased scrutiny for government agencies, as budgets and spending are closely reviewed. This can lead to a more cautious approach to processing OWCP claims, as OWCP may be more likely to request additional information or documentation before making a decision.

Administrative delays: The holidays can also lead to delays in processing routine administrative tasks, such as mailing forms or issuing payments. This can further contribute to the overall slowdown in claim resolution.

It’s important to note Innova that the slowdown in December may not be uniform across all OWCP claims. Certain types of claims, such as those involving serious injuries or fatalities, may be prioritized and processed more quickly. Additionally, some OWCP offices may be more efficient than others in managing their workload during the holiday season.

If you are concerned about the status of your OWCP claim, it is always best to contact your local OWCP office directly for the most accurate information. You can also consult with an attorney who specializes in OWCP claims to discuss your options and advocate for your rights.