Are Federal Firefighters Eligible for OWCP Benefits?

Federal firefighters are eligible to receive OWCP benefits if they are injured on the job. The OWCP, or Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, is a federal agency that administers federal workers’ compensation programs for federal employees. Federal firefighters who are injured on the job may be eligible for benefits such as:

  • Temporary total disability benefits: These benefits are paid to firefighters who are unable to work due to their injury.
  • Permanent total disability benefits: These benefits are paid to firefighters who are permanently unable to work due to their injury.
  • Temporary partial disability benefits: These OWCP benefits for federal workers are paid to firefighters who are able to work but who are unable to earn as much as they did before their injury.
  • Medical benefits: These benefits cover the cost of medical treatment for the firefighter’s injury.
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits: These benefits help firefighters who have been injured on the job to return to work or to find a new job.

In order to be eligible for OWCP benefits, federal firefighters must meet certain requirements. These requirements include:

  • The firefighter must be a federal employee.
  • The firefighter must be injured on the job.
  • The firefighter must be able to prove that their injury was caused by their job.

If a federal firefighter believes that they are eligible for OWCP benefits, they should file a claim with the OWCP. The OWCP will investigate the claim and decide whether or not the firefighter is eligible for benefits.

The OWCP has a special claims unit that handles claims from federal firefighters. This unit is staffed by claims examiners who are specifically trained to handle firefighter claims. The special claims unit also has a website that provides information about firefighter claims.

If you are a federal firefighter who has been injured on the job, you should contact the OWCP to file a claim for benefits. You can find more information about the OWCP and how to file a claim on the OWCP website.